Mar 24

The Cafe is on Hiatus…

I may be closed for a bit - but please don't go Starbucks on me!

Good Morning, Cafe Patrons.

Some of you may know that dispensing weekly shots of caffeinated travel advice is not my only job (and if you did think it was, please be sure to fill the tip jar!)

I’ve just taken on a new project which will require me to put my bean grinder and tamper away for several weeks, so I apologise that you’ll have to get your Friday morning fix elsewhere.  Don’t worry, I will try not to leave you hanging for too long!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Cafe Patrons out there who have followed the Cafe from the start, and have helped grow and expand.  I’m pleased to have recorded my 1,750th hit to the blog just this past week, and I thank everyone for coming by for your weekly cup!

Please do stay subscribed, as when I fire things back up again I’ll be sure to let you all know.  Thanks again and hope to see you back soon.


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